As a token of appreciation for the support and participation, we would like to list the names of everybody who joined us in this laudable project.

Thus, all subscribers to this publication will be listed alphabetically. The list will also mention names of individuals who contributed immensely to the success of the memorabilia publication.

While it is still too early to name all the people who deserve to be listed on this section, the Editorial Board would like to express their advance gratitude to the following:

  • Manny Baldemor, famous painter-artist , who agreed to design a cover for
    the Paete Memorabilia.
  • Lily Quesada who gave a blanket permission on behalf of the Quesada family for the use of any portion of the book “Paete” written by Eugenio Quesada.
  • Nel Africano who gave blanket authority to use any part of his book,
    “Paete: Bayang Masining” and the sequel to this book.
  • Marie Cagahastian-Pruden who gave permission to use any part of her
    write ups “About Paete” posted in “” the Paetenian Homepage.
  • Virgil Madrinan, Editor of Paetenians Newsletter for permission to use any part of the issue of Paetenians Newsletter.
  • Flora Navarro-Filoteo, Editor of the Matanglawin Quarterly Newsette, for
    the permission to use any excerpts from the Newsette.
  • Ben Afuang for giving valuable advice and for sharing his vast editorial experience with the Board.
  • Lando Malinis, webmaster of the Paete Memorabilia Website.
  • Rey Carolino, for valuable tech support and suggestions.
  • Ernie Afurong for his graphics design of the Memorabilia Website Logo.
  • Gil Balandra (+) for his graphics design in the Homepage which was used as an accent and background in the Memorabilia Website Logo.

Non-Paetenians who shared with the Memorabilia Editor their valuable experience from publishing their own town’s books which became our model and inspiration:

  • Gracia A. Ona. Overall coordinator of the Balik San Jose 2000
  • Ted Balasi, Editor-in-Chief of the Pangilenians Family Heritage Journal

. . . And to others whose names will be added as we move along.