by: Marie Cagahastian Castillo-Pruden

I requested Marie Cagahastian Castillo-Pruden (A.K.A Kang Maring in early Usap Paete) to make a critique of the Memorabilia book from a professional journalist point of view. As you know, Marie, a veteran journalist, wrote the article"About Paete" in the Paetenians Home Page, and with her permission the same article was published in the introductory part of the Memorabilia. Marie's last job was with the San Francisco Chronicle.

Below is a very thorough and comprehensive review she wrote about the Memorabilia book. Marie eloquently described her thoughts and feelings, just as any typical Paetenian would react when they read the pages of the book. I consider this review the ultimate evaluation and litmus test of the real value and legacy of the Memorabilia book to the town and people of Paete. Editor: Paete Memorabilia

As blood is thicker than water, Memorabilia 2004 is heavier and thicker than any
other book on Paete, so far and by far. It's full of blood, and even now that it's been off the press for a few months, and into the hands of subscribers, the editor, Fred Cagayat, is still waging a bloody battle against criticisms of the book for being "incomplete." Memorabilia is full of blood - the bloodlines of families, that is. And for Fred, it also became his own baptism of blood.

But to back up a little bit. Some of the girls I grew up with in Paete used to complain how difficult it was to find a "katarato" in the town. Every available swain was taken. And the rest - plenty of them, for sure - were relatives! You found a "perfect match" with the new boy in school, the one who had just moved
back to Paete from Manila - and your grandmother's expected refrain was, "Ay, bai! - Ay naku, huwag yun! Kamag-anak yun! Anak yun ni Kuwan na pamangkin ng pinsan kong paka-tatlo na pamangkin sa salubong naman ng Dada Poon - si Kuwan," etc. Well you got the idea..

This book of Paete families' heritage is just like how your Dada would have placed it. "O, ito ang mga litrato nila. Ito ang pinsan kong si Kuwan, ina ni Kuwan, na ina naman ng batang Kuwan na sinasabi mo!" How could you doubt it? This book is a testament to that fact. Because of the town's rich history, there is so much of the theory of relativity in Paete.

The good news is that the bloodlines continue to flourish. Just as the old families grow stronger with the years, new families keep on being grafted into established stocks. There is no danger that the bloodlines are about to go extinct any time soon. Instead, they create strong ties, producing fresh blood in healthy vines planted both in the native soil and abroad.

Paete Memorabilia 2004 is a joint effort of numerous people who have something
to give or say in one way or the other. But the main effort should be credited to its editor, Fred Cagayat. It is the product of his blood (that word again!), sweat, and tears. You don't see his name as top billing anywhere near the front of the book, rather, modestly in a staff box toward the end of the book. Credit is also due to his wife, Cora Alday-Cagayat, originally from San Jose, Batangas, for her full support, patience, understanding and sleepless nights as she watched him work, gratis et amore, making sure he gets enough nourishment, if not enough rest.

And what a project it turned out to be! The book is hefty - weighing around six pounds, give or take. It's huge - 9x12 - hardbound and jacket-boxed, a keepsake
worthy to enjoy over and over for many generations to come. The front and back inside covers are 4-color panoramic shots of Paete, from the hills and from the lake, respectively, and can hold its ground against any well-crafted rotogravure of recent years. The cover is a masterpiece, "Simbang Gabi," by Paete's own contribution to the national art treasury - Manny Baldemor. Owing, the great. The tome is thick. The family directory doesn't get going until page 83, after all the backgrounders that include Paete's outstanding citizens then and now. But the awe and wonder has long started. The first time I truly understood how one person is related to another, how one family branched out from another, and how - despite Paete being a strip of narrow land wedged between the mountain and the lake - that town was able to produce such wonderful people.

You smiled, you cried a bit, you lingered at one page and nodded in recognition - or disbelief. It was the first time I was looking at the grown-up version of a beloved face, someone so close to me that he was almost a brother. But I lost track of him since high school, and now here is his face, binatang-binata! Frank Jr. Rivera - now Francisco Gagaring Rivera. Amazing. He looks much like his statuesque mother and so handsome! And what an impressive list of achievements he's garnered. That by a son who only has one sister (Baby) left of his family. Amang Isko, Inang Pitang, Kang Gil, Kang Viring, Kang Dita, brother Ner, and cousin Luding have all passed on to the great beyond.

Noel Cadayona, the town's mayor! Of course I've seen him twice before as an adult, but it never ceased to delight me what a fine man he has grown up to be -
akalain mo? His father, Amang Ramon, used to take sons Emil (my classmate) and
his little brother Noel to Mass, standing in back of the koro while my father with his three young daughters stood on one side. Noel used to slide on the floor getting between his father's long legs and make faces at us, just because we're girls! Now I'm Kang Maring to him and he is "His Honor." Who would have thought?

Wow! So this is how Bien Saniano looks now. Very distinguished, especially with a "Dr." before his name! His sister Rosy was by best friend in high school. Touching Bien's picture on the book, I find myself whispering, "Send my love to Rose. I hope she's doing fine."

Speaking of Rosies, this one is a real show-stopper. My classmate, Rosita Madrigal, was cute and svelte with soulful eyes even as a young girl. Now, look at her picture - a real knock-out! Attagirl, Mrs. Villarin!

Another heartbreaker was the photo of the late Atty. Eusebio Dalagan, founder of Eastern Laguna College, a man with a zest for life and a long string of degrees
after his name. He was not modest about his achievements but the one for which
he is most remembered, he would never have guessed: It's his great love for young people. Here was a man who would walk around Paete, knocking at every
door, tracing every parent as his relative to the nth degree, and urging them to send their kids to his high school. No graduate of Paete Elementary School ever
felt more important than when Mr. Dalagan went on a whirlwind courtship tour of
the town's parents. Mr. Dalagan was a good man and a great educator - God rest

Memorabilia 2004 is thick - and why not? Here's your guide to solving mysteries that have baffled you in your youth. Like, "Paano natin naging kamag-anak sina Ganay-on?" Just look at all that genealogy charts. No self-proclaimed professional journalists could have taken the yeoman's job as Fred did. You've got to be an accountant like him to process the details. After all, it was St. Matthew, the patron saint of accountants, who wrote the Gospel on Christ's genealogy. It'll require a lifetime to sort out the charts and that's why this book is for keeps.

The book is fat. One hundred-fifty pages later, we're still on the B's - Bagongahasa, Balan, Balandra, Baldemor. Ba-i, talagang napakabig-at. Big-atin

A big jump to page 231 and we're suddenly on the M's! Whatever happened to the letters in between? O, I just happened to turn over a big handful of pages, that's all! We're on Milan now - a name naturalized from Meycauayan, Bulacan of fond memories. I'm related to them. My grandmother was Dada Azon's cousin (first-degree? second degree? who knows!) I've always thought Amang Junior was Romeo, but now the truth is out - his real name is Remigio! Wonders never cease.

If you weren't as careful as Fred Cagayat, it would be easy to lose your way, just indexing family names. Even a computer would find the job unwieldy. Someone with a surname starting with D could get married to one whose name starts with
P. You go forward and backward and all over the alphabet, then forward again. You could lose all rhyme and reason just arranging and rearranging the names. You'd have to do the best you could. And Fred came out with flying colors.

Memorabilia 2004, as a chronicle of Paete, would be woefully incomplete if it did not celebrate its heroes and role models.

I mean real heroes, not celebrities.

Foremost among heroes are the people who find themselves living in Paete either by birth, by marriage, or by migration in search of a job. They form the hearts and minds of the town by standing firmly through life's every twist and turn. They use their strength of body and spirit in earning a living, raising a family, educating theirs and other people's children, helping the needy, or serving in government or civic clubs. They stay in Paete. They love, live, and die there. They are heroes in and out of season - the parents, the grandparents, the aunts and uncles and cousins and friends. They are the teachers, the writers, the vendors, the woodworkers, the magtataka, the farmers, the fishermen, the religious pastors, the musical, artistic, and athletic mentors. Though Memorabilia 2004 could never adequately cover them all, it is with them in mind that the big book project first saw light.

The second kind of heroes - more glorious than the core group - includes those who have made the supreme sacrifice of giving up their lives and limbs for town and country during the war. These heroes could easily be forgotten if not for the painstaking work of the survivors and wounded braves who have made it their life's mission to keep Paete's WWII heroes' memory alive. In narrative, in chronology, and in poetry, Col. Frank B. Quesada (my ninong) and Inang Flora N. Filoteo pay homage to these unsung heroes on pages 364-374.

Ninong Paquito's article showcases the following groups of war heroes: The suffering, the escape-goats, the heroines, the mentally-shocked, the physically consumed, and the tortured. On page 370, a dozen more martyrs for freedom are listed. One could only touch the printed names of these gallant men and women and say a prayer. Two poems by Inang Flora, "Where have all the soldiers gone?" and "regret to inform..." just about tore the heart to pieces with sepia-colored imagery. So achingly beautiful, and so devastating...if you could go on.

Apart from the war heroes, Memorabilia 2004 also boasts of peacetime heroes, as they were, in the rebuilding years following WWII. They are the "Matanglawin," the group of Paetenians who went to college in Manila, got employed, married, and stayed there. To their credit, they would go back to Paete at the drop of a beloved's name, or each time the church bells ring. They were the role models of war babies who grew up holding them in high esteem for their high ideals, high regard for higher education (are there enough "highs" there?) and their noble service to the community. Matanglawin is a venerable organization, having survived all the slings and arrows of fortune for 70 years - Imagine that!

Matanglawin's chroniclers, Amang Odon Fadul and Inang Flora, insist that their club's name is rooted in the word "tanglaw," meaning light. Matanglawin thus means "bearers of light," or "torchbearers." But why the explanation? Well, you see, sometime in 1956 (and I was there), we heard ELC's founder, Atty. Eusebio Dalagan, in one of his more memorable speeches, refer to Matanglawin as "Eye of the Hawk." As in, "mata ng lawin," and he wondered aloud, whatever could that mean? The grand old man of education thought there must be a mystery behind the name, ("Would the meaning be changed if they had instead called themselves, Matang-baboy?" he boomed, to the delight and guffaws of his students!)

What of all the school furniture and supplies and free milk donated by Matanglawin to schoolchildren? And the boxes and boxes of medicines given to the puericulture center? No doubt about it, Matanglawin deserves an erratum. So after all these years the truth is offcially out. The word, Matanglawin simply means "lightbearers." No mystery there. And God bless them.

The current crop of "heroes" that crosses over geographical and chronological lines is an umbrella organization called Paetenians International, located all over the world - in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Canada, and America. It's the biggest, loosely-connected but tightly communicating group of Paetenians so far organized. It's an organization that takes after Matanglawin, except on a much-grander scale. A social club to start with, they celebrate and recreate festivities in their various locales, as celebrated in Paete. They attend each others family's baptisms, weddings, housewarmings, and funerals. They hold picnics and parties and visit one another wherever and whenever they travel. They also organize Christmas gift-giving projects, medical missions, fund-raising for the restoration of Paete waterworks and churches, and set up disaster relief operations when their beloved hometown calls.

Their remittances alone - as true with other groups of Filipino expatriates the world over - account for one of the country's highest sources of income. Locals think they are richer than the heroes mentioned above, but that's debatable. After mortgage payments, health insurance premiums, property taxes, and children's college tuitions are taken out of their earnings, there usually is nothing much left. But always there's something for family in the Philippines - must not forget that. It's not an exaggeration to say that most townspeople want to join their ranks.

Paetenians local and abroad could choose to get connected with all others through the internet. There's a rather nifty website for Paetenians created by Rey Carolino, which is now a burgeoning resource for news and information on the town's families, history, politics, economics, and culture. Most times people just log in to see if there's anybody or anything they should know. An informative article on Paetenians Home on the Web is in the Memorabilia, written by the lovely Lee Quesada of Canada. Don't miss it.

As expected, Paetenians International and the Paete website joined efforts in organizing the grand Balik-Paete 2004, where "abroaders" were treated by the locals to the things they missed most: Christmastime in Paete, Simbang-gabi, a Serenata, Awards night at the plaza, Santakrusan, Salibanda, pabitin, palaro, street-dancing, a Rizal Day parade complete with beauty queens, picnic at Tatlong Kurus, an exhibit of Holy Week poons, a ball grander than that of Sabado de Gloria, fireworks, reunions with classmates, relatives and friends, and food, food, food!

Balik-Paete 2004 was too wonderful and too precious to just be relegated to memory and pleasant get-togethers. It has to be written down, and with plenty of pictures, compiled into a book. The result is this impressive Memorabilia 2004, with the most upbeat and most entertaining account (pgs. 379-381) of the event by the talented young writer, FloraLou Cadawas.

The book is chock-full of photographs. Photos. Photos. Photos. Old faces. New faces. Stranger faces. Old places, new places. Familiar, vaguely familiar, and totally unfamiliar faces and places. But all faces and places one could have loved if one had lived and stayed in Paete. The face of Paete is diverse but the binding thread is still there: Love of the town, love of the people. Church buildings and school houses, public buildings, athletic groups, civic groups, cultural groups, religious groups, youth groups, the Talon, the Wawa, lanzones, kanduli, paintings, woodcarvings, and books - they will all come to an end, even in memory. But the love of God is eternal. And the love of family, friends and neighbors are what keep the townspeople going, despite poverty and unforeseen

The article in the web (not in the book) written by my Manila Times mentor, the late Juan Quesada entitled "Once and Future Village" came to mind as I skimmed
through the giant book. In that article Amang Nito realistically took a hard look at the town and concluded that he could not see beyond two inches into the future. "Perish the thought," he wrote, or words to that effect, if I remember right.

No, Amang Nito. Wherever you are, I wish you could have seen this book and find
to what direction Paete is going. You would have approved. Paete is alive in its wonderful people, in their love for the land, in their love for the work of their hands. In Paete and wherever else they have been transplanted, they bloom.

But if you don't believe me, keep the book anyway. It'll grow on you. It's a lasting portrait of how the town was at the start of the millenium. Whether or not the world survives for another millennium, at least we have proof that once upon a time, there was Paete.

Dear Fred and Cora,

The Paete Memorabilia arrived today. It's indeed a treasure! Everyone should be very proud to possess it. I admired it immensely. My! what labor of love can create! Saludo ako, dalawang kamay...

I have gone from cover to cover. I'm thankful for the little contribution I was able to make. Salamat at ginawa mong marapat yoong mga articles sa MQN. I am so happy to see "The Epic of Matanglawin." And our family pictures! Thank you very much...

Everything in the Memorabilia is excellent: Content, organization, art work and make-up. Excellent! Excellent! Saludo!

Flora Filoteo (Pres. Matanglawin & Editor of Matanglawin
Quarterly Newsette)

Dear Fred,

I have scanned the book and i think it is a work of art by itself. I guess I was not mistaken when I said it will be "A BOOK OF A LIFETIME !"

I'm personally very pleased to be a part of this great Memorabilia. Congratulations for a job very well done!


Ka Noel (Mayor of Paete)


Merle David Ugale wrote:

Thank you so much for letting my sister Sally bring the memorabilia book to Los Angeles. It is worthwhile waiting. Congratulations to everyone who took part in making the book so beautiful and I really enjoy reading every articles about Paete and our folks. It is very informative and educational especially for the younger generations.

Once again thanks a lot.

Merle David Ugale, Los Angeles, Ca

Lando Malinis (Memorabilia webmaster)

Fred, I received the Memorabilia.

Talaga namang napakaganda and very solidly looking. The book cover was extra beautiful too.

By just browsing at the book, I saw how the town of Paete has evolved through time. The photos especially the family heritage and organizations reveal the secret that I have been wanting to know.i.e., why so many people in this town, now I said my own, are guapo and magaganda. I have to look at these photos from the macro-point of view to get a good picture of the unique heritage of the town.

Cora was also very much impressed. You are the man Fred.

Lando Malinis (Memorabilia Webmaster)


Dear Fred,


I can say that the publication of Paete Memorabilla is one of the best things Paetenians from all walks of life can be proud of. It is indeed a monumental undertaking that may take many many years to be duplicated. Now the future generations of Paetenians especially those living in foreign soils will have something to look back so that they can understand fully their roots and the land of their ancestors.
More power to you and all Paetenians who made the publication of Paete Memorabilla a reality.

Ted Balasi (Editor, Pangilenians Family Heritage Journal)


I like it very much especially 'yong mga katagang Paete section at ang mga older photos ng mga kababayan..Outstanding work. I'm happy for you..

Rico Cadayona, Orland Park, Illinois


The Memorabilia book was thoroughly enjoyed by the Chicago crowd. Mukhang napakatibay ang gawa. They now await the actual arrival of the copies for those who subscribed.

Atty. Tony Acyatan, Lucena City


Sadyang napakaganda. Congratulations!

Gracia Ona (Coordinator, Balik San Jose 2000)


Hi, Fred and Cora,
You certainly deserve whatever papuri you are getting now. The hours, the hard work, the sacrifices to put the book together is indeed an accomplishment worthy of recognition.

Sonia C. Balandra, Jersey City, N.J.


I would like to report to you that Lily, Fil's widow, was very pleased to receive their copy. We delivered it Sept 15. I too would like to salute you for all your efforts. It was a monumental task. Of course, as in any endeavor, there will be those who will find something to find fault with. And what have they accomplished?

Please extend our warm regards to Cora and Andrea.

Pedro Valdellon

Fred and Cora,
I received the book today. Thanks for the memories. Your time and effort are well appreciated. Napakaganda from start to the end .This will serve as a lasting treasure that every generation in my family will enjoy.

My great gratitude to Kang Norma Aseoche Acala Duy for putting all her time to publish my mother's family tree(Aseoche-Cainto Clan).My children are excited to see their great grand parents pictures. One of my kids commented that her Dada Diding looks like her mother , Dada Isa, but with Dada Tiyong's eyes. This book made them see how their ancestors look like.

My sincere thanks,
Alicia of San Diego

Sofronio Navarro, (Canada):

I received today a copy of the Memorabilia. It looks great, inside and out. Thank you very much to you and to your family for your time and effort on this big, big
project. I am going to enjoy it for a long, long time.
regards to all.

Abundio “Ayang”Baet (Florida):

I forgot to mention that we recieved our first copy last week pa, and my wife and daughter love it.

Norma Acala-Duy (British Columbia, Canada):

Hi Fred, You don't have any idea how relieved I was when I received the book. I'm sure you know what I mean. I have had it for a month now. Thank you. That's very professionally done


Evelyn V. Schuman (California)

I received the book in the mail yesterday. I've already scanned the book but very briefly I'll have to really go through it page by page to read more about the history and ancestry of our kababayans.
Thank you very much. Great job!

Rogel Dalagan, (San Diego, California):

I just received my advance copy of the Paete Memorabilia this afternoon. This is an absolutely fantastic piece of work. You and Cora and all those involved in doing this project did a superb job. I'm sure all Paetenians who ordered the Momorabilia will be deeply grateful for your hard work

Hi Fred,
Kumusta na kayo ni Cora at ang inyong mga anak?
Alam mo matagal ko ng binabalak na mag order nitong very famous book na ginawa nyo, kaya lamang ay hindi ko alam kung papaano at magkanong freight kung dito sa Australia ang delivery.
Please let me know.
God's love speaks to me in the birds and streams, in my quiet and busy moments, in all things!

Emma (Navarro)Balandra Caguin
Magulang: Marciano+ & Teofila Balandra
Asawa:Hector Madridejos Caguin


Dear Amang Fred & those who are involved in making this "Book of a Lifetime" possible,...thank all of you so much!!!...great book!,Job well done .


Dear Fred and Cora, our family are so thankful for your great job. Even our kababayan are so happy like us, having this kind of lifetime book. Thanks for sending the book here in Switzerland. I am very proud to show it in all my friends.

More succes to you all, who took part in making the book from the start till the endprocess.

Best regards,

Fely Casilag Burgdorfer
Bern, Switzerland


To Fred and Cora,

We recv'd the book dtd 27 Nov. It was a great book very interesting and informative. I enjoyed reading every night since I got it. One more thing I had discovered the names of my great grandparents (Marcela Cagayat and Saturnino Baldemor) thru the article of Mr. Ruben Cagayat. Thanks for the effort you put on this memorable project.

Best regards,

Juanito Boy Baldemor


Hi Fred,

What must be the reason this "historical and factual" article of the Calabig Clan purposely omitted from the Memorabilia? Who decided to include or to exclude essays/ articles ? Are prose unpopular these days and less important than those family pictures ? An article as important as the names bearing Calabig like Ex-mayor Felipe Calabig and Dolores Calabig-Aca, a well know poetess and prolific writer should have not been stepped aside. The editting took more than two years, Memorabilia 2004 became Memorabilia 2007 almost. What a shame!!

from: Calabig Clan


A member of the Calabig Clan wrote:

What must be the reason this "historical and factual" article of the Calabig Clan purposely omitted from the Memorabilia? Who decided to include or to exclude essays/ articles ? Are prose unpopular these days and less important than those family pictures ? An article as important as the names bearing Calabig like Ex-mayor Felipe Calabig and Dolores Calabig-Aca, a well know poetess and prolific writer should have not been stepped aside. The editting took more than two years, Memorabilia 2004 became Memorabilia 2007 almost. What a shame!!


I was disappointed with your negative comments which I believe were hastily made. I disagree on all points. I invite you to read or re-read thoroughly the Memorabilia book, particularly the following pages and then reconsider your opinions and conclusion:

Page 3 - “Foreword”
Page 58 – “Outstanding Paetenians”
Page 86 – Ang Bayang Paete – (poem) of Dolores Calabig Aca
Page 87 - Ang Alamat ng Lanzones – (Poem) of Dolores Calabig Aca
Page 90 - Aca-Calabig - Pamilyang Angel Aca, Sr. & Dolores Calabig
Page 354 – Banda Kawayan… (Siefredo Calabig, conductor)
Page 398 – Memorabilia Story (the making of the book)

In the foreword you will see why we called it “Memorabilia.” It means “things to Remember” (from the past). Just like Memoirs, they are collection of past events. Paete Memorabilia 2004 was published in conjunction with the Balik Paete 2004. The year 2004 was just the cut-off date (from 1580-2004), and therefore it could have been published in later years and still be relevant. Other people are still writing their memoirs and still have not published them somewhere.

If the book was published (completed) in 2006, there were valid reasons behind the delay. The reasons behind the delay could be seen on page 398 – The Memorabilia Story (the making of the book). Despite limited manpower and the amount of work involved, we believe that the project was completed with satisfactory results judging from the many favorable comments from our subscribers. I still have not posted them all. I believe many of our kababayan experienced the sense of “pride” not “shame” in having this book published and completed despite the long wait.

The main objective of the Memorabilia was to feature Family Heritage, and what could be the best way to do it but by collecting precious photographs of bygone years. Pictures speak a thousand words. None of the best writers or authors can describe or capture exactly what the picture reveals at that given moment. Those families submitted their old and new pictures for present and future generations to enjoy. And those pictures are enjoyed much better with the passing of time. Prose or text just adds more flavor to the picture, just like statistics or historical notes. And those families paid for those pictures to be published along with their untold stories or family trees. More often, only the family knows about the many stories about their life. And even if they were published somewhere, usually other people forget them, but not the family involved. If the family themselves did not come forward and make an effort to have them published in this Memorabilia book, none of us would ever know or remember that those events ever happened or existed.

As shown above, the Calabig clan was very well represented in this book. The poet Dolores Calabig Aca was there along with her 2 poems, and so is her family page. Siegfredo Calabig whose Banda Kawayan mesmerized Paete with its concert was featured, and his well-known father composer Miguel Calabig was also mentioned several times, even in the Banda 69 article.

On page 58 we mentioned about Outstanding Paetenians which became my primary basis for the featured articles. I have selected a few to feature with consideration also on the availability of information. It was a difficult process and I even consulted a few people to narrow down the choices because we were exceeding the maximum 400 pages. Truly, there are many deserving outstanding Paetenians to write about, but to write something on all of them would be impossible and would require considerable amount of time and researching, and would consume volumes and volumes of pages. Where and how to get information about them, especially the older ones is another story.

As to the selected articles, I carefully chose those to give a little bit of information about Paete’s main industry – CARVING – for which our town earned the title “Carving Capital of the Philippines.” I have added the article about the waterworks because I believe it was a vital contribution to the town from the generosity of the Quesada Clan.

Having said all of the above, I hope I have enlightened the issue. I still want to hear from the rest of the Calabig Clan if they really concur with the previous comments of the Calabig writer. I also encourage other subscribers (or readers) who have not yet expressed their views about the Memorabilia to post their comments, opinions, or feedback at Usap Paete under the title “Memorabilia – What our reader’s say.” After all, this our first town and family heritage book

I close this response by quoting what I wrote in the Foreword on Page 3 of the book:

…”And as always, there might be others who would be disappointed for the things we have missed. With Paete over four hundred years of existence, and the ever changing times and divergent people, missing something is certainly bound to happen.

But let this Memorabilia book be judged NOT for what we have failed to include, but RATHER for the many good things we have painstakingly and carefully included.”…

Sincerely yours,

Fred M. Cagayat


It is really difficult to please everybody. Open Discussion is okay and healthy. Masama lang kung may mapipikon. Dagdagan mo pa ang pasensya.

Amang Julian (Afurong)

Good day! Yes, I agree with Amang Julian. You can’t really please everybody… I guess. You’ve done your part very well & I know it is hard to be an editor of that “Book of a Lifetime”…be patient and carry on! Again I would like to congratulate you for a job well done… more power & God bless.

Cynthia (Bagabaldo)


Parang tampo rin ako sa write-up tungkol sa akin, hindi rin kompleto. Hindi nabanggit don and “Kamaisan” natin sa Craig noong araw. Ha ha ha! Kidding aside, one of the best book I ever read. There will be many adverse comments written, spoken or otherwise but like you said … “let this Memorabilia book be judged NOT for what we failed to include, but RATHER for the many good things we painstakingly and carefully included.”…Very well said. I am proud of you.”

Ka Noel (Cadayona- Mayor of Paete)

I like to echo what the others have already said about this issue- you can't please everybody. I've learned that lesson in my previous moderating job at Paete.org and in the feedbacks I am getting at the Parents' Wish website (www.parentswish. com). We can only strive to please the greater majority and that has been my guiding principle everytime I am faced with a moderating decision at Paete.org.It is obvious from the positive feedbacks that you are getting from the Memorabilia that you have pleased the greater majority with this precious book. You do not really need to defend yourself from negative comments such as this one which are few and isolated. We already know the facts.Once again, congratulations and thank you for all your hard works in the Memorabilia. The wait was long but it was worth waiting.

Rey (Carolino – Webmaster)

It’s your baptism by blood. But you made an excellent and effective defense. You should have been a lawyer. Congratulations! My review is on another email.

Marie (Cagahastian Castillo-Pruden)


…The amount of work, time and effort that Fred Cagayat gave to this memorabilia project is enormous and deserve no less than our gratitude, respect and praise.

Angel (De Dios)


For all the long hours, difficult researches, editing, re-editing and seemingly interminable and tiring work you and those who helped to produce that fine memoirs which is the Memorabilia, I am 110% convinced that you all did a fantastic job. I say this emphatically: nobody could have done all those editing work better than you did. Albeit you did an excellent work, there will always be that 10% chance that negative comments from somewhere will surface. True after all the enormous amount of work you did, it is disappointing to see negative reactions. But don’t take them personally. You can’t make everybody happy all the time. It is after all an imperfect world. Life must go on.

Rogel (Dalagan)


Looking at the big picture, despite the alleged “shortcomings and/or flaws”, Inang Cia and I think that the final product is EXCELLENT, SUPER, SUPERB, FANTASTIC, FIRST CLASS AND LOVELY. For this reason, from our perspective, you deserve nothing but accolade and gratitude and not condemnation. Unfortunately, perfection is just a goal or ideal. It is NEVER possible to achieve. We can only strive for perfection.

One other thing. From our understanding none of you received a single penny for the long hours, effort, possible out-of-pocket expenses and personal sacrifice that you have charitably given and gone through to make this Memorabilia a resounding success.

This project was no mean task and responsibility. We salute you for having the guts to accept the challenge to tackle it. Yan ang tunay na lalaki.

Amang Tom (Altamero)


I do not know who sent you the email, but for me, I’m happy that you and your staff were able to produce a Memorabilia for the People of Paete and not for our clan only.

Rossini I. Calabig (son of Fred Calabig, conductor of Banda Kawayan).


...i was wondering who was that member of the Calabig clan who commented negatively about your memorabilia. maybe it's just his/her personal opinion and it doesn’t necessarily represent the opinion of the whole calabig clan. for us the majority, you did a great job at talagang hindi mo mapi-please ang lahat ng tao. concentrate on the positive feedbacks and disregard the negative...nag iisa lang naman yata siya sa kanyang opinion.

Saida (Cagandahan-Dulay)


Dear Amang Fred and all,
Kumusta na po muli kayong lahat, kahit hindi ko pa po nare-received ang Libro na ipinadala po ninyo dito sa akin sa Alberta ay lalu po akong nanabik na makita at mabasa hindi dahil lamang ang tungkol sa aming Pamilya Ludovico - Caday, at iba pa pong kamag-anakan. Interesado po ako sa iba pang mga pamilya at mga historya ng bayan at mga mamamayan na may sariling angkin sa larangan ng sining at iba pa.

Ang hirap at pagod na ibinigay po ninyo at ng mga tumulong ay hindi po dapat husgahan ng negatibo, kahit ano pong gawin nila ay meron pa rin hindi masisiyahan. Ang sa akin po Amang Fred at sa mga taong tumulong ay ang maraming salamat sa inyong oras at pagod sa pagbibigay ng isang mahalagang ala-ala para sa bawat pamilya.

Mag relax na lang po sila at taas noo pong ngumiti for a job well done.
Maligayang pasko Po sa inyong lahat at God Bless.

Tony Val


Dear Kang Fred and Paete Memorabilia Staff,
BUZZZZ.....BUZZZZ.. Door bell from Canada Post today at alam ko pong ito na yung pinakahihintay ko pong Paete Memorabilia, akala ko po ay ako pang pupunta sa post office para mapick-up ,sabi nga po ng taga Payti Bai Nah! Ih Ih special Deliver pa po.

Gusto ko lang pong magpasalamat muli at ako po'y nasisiyahan sa Memorabilia, nakakalibang pong basahin at makita ang ibang mga pamilya
na taga Paete. Mula po sa akin ay personal na pasasalamat na ang aking guhit na "Bakya Mo Neneng" ay nakasali po sa aklat na ito kasama ng
artikulo ng Kang Marie C. Pruden. Isa pong malaking kasiyahan at karangalan na maging bahagi ng Memorabilia.

Maraming salamat po muli,
Tony Val Caday Ludovico
at Familia Ludovico - Caday- Baldemor -
Paelmo - Cadang - Dailo


Dear Fred,

Thank God, tapos na ang distribution natin. by this time I am hoping that everyone is enjoying reading our famous and very controversial Paete Memorabilia Book.

In behalf of Paetenians Northeast Chapter, I would like to extend my warmest Thanks to all subscribers who patiently waited and supported our memorable - valuable book. Also, for those people who adds a little spice that made it so controversial.

Lastly, From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Cora for helping and not divorcing Fred for all the time that he spent in finishing this book.

What can I say. Job Well done.


Baby Pascual
President, NE


I just realized that the cover of the book has two words and one number. To my delight and satisfaction, I am very happy to know that 50% of the words is Latin. It is a simple word that speaks volumes about the town, its people and the people responsible for its publication. Liber scriptus proferetur in quo quasi totum continetur! Opus vere magnum et memorabile!

The Latin is a paraphrase from a line in the "Dies Irae."
Virgil G. Madrinan
Quot capita tot sententiae


My rejoinder kudos, indeed, to the Paete Memorabilia 2004!
And my same feelings ---
"A work great and lasting to remember; a book so written wherein is brought out all that almost is worth there is ... (of Paete.)"

Renato C Valdellon


Hi Fred,

Comprehensive, excellent, cherish, emotional, catarrhtic, maudlin, optimistic, realistic, endeavor are just a few words right now in reflection. I wish I can post it in Tagalog/Paetenian, and even Latin Ver, but it will take some time and research.

Don't want to make this too long, but we all look for something about ourselves and roots, and that is good, correct, and expected. It's just a privilege to be able to do that, before Paete.com, and this book; there were very few opportunities, so truly we are bonded together here as a community, and for a lot of us by blood/DNA.

Speaking of which is why I read here on a regular basis, even though we are separated by age, time, space, and family, somehow we are close and relate for the most part.

I am thrilled to discover, on a regular basis, family and friends, I and my family interacted in the past, and hope to do in the future. For example, we were just regular visitors to Paete as children, but are rooted in the Cadang, Pascual side through Dada Angge & Nena. Although not native, Dada Buena; Dada Teo, Mateo Pang Bayo was listed in the book as a surviving prisoner of war in Tarlac. Wow, did not know that.

Not said in judgment, but when I posted this to my younger cousins, nieces, nephew, and even contemporaries, I only got two acknowledgements of pride and response. That is why we need this Paete Book and web site to archive, remember, and read ourselves and future generations, and not be lost in time.

One of my suggestions, is to store, other information that did not make it to the book, because space/storage electronically, our web site, or elsewhere are logical, cost effective means of archiving, for future review, research, or projects. We have a lot of talent here, as Rey calls them web carvers; I am currently transferring Dr. Quesada's book on Paete electronically, and a lot can be done with this and any other relevant items or work of art, or... the list can go on...music, books, and photo galleries like we have now, family trees,...

So Fred you and your staff have created a lot of positive emotions, outlook, and I endeavor to follow up on this book because of this event and availability.

Dan Dalan


Ka Fred,

Salamat sa inyong lahat na nag abala para mabuo at maisakatuparan ang hangad ninyong makapag bigay ng isang mahalagang alaala sa ating bayan ng Paete at sa ating mga kababayan.

Ang librong ito ay naging focus ng attention ng mga taong bumibisita sa aming tahanan dahil inilagay namin ito sa aming center table sa sala, kasama ng aming photo album at daily newspaper.

Sa ganda ng cover nito ay una itong napapansin at binubuklat kaagad upang basahin ng sinumang makakita at kalimitan ay nahihiram ng ilang araw para tapusing basahin. Nagugulat ako sa mga comments nila dahil sa dami na ng nakaka alam ng bayan natin ay napakarami pa raw pala nating ibang dapat ipagmalaki.
Ang sarap pakinggan ng mga paghangang salita mula sa mga nakakita at nakabasa nito,na kahit alam nating marami pang inpormasiyon na di naisama ay ito ang magiging simula para mailathala sa susunod na memorabilia. Ito rin ang naging pintuan ng iba naming kaibigan na di nakakakilala at nakaka alam tungkol sa bayan natin at ang kanilang interest na bumisita at makita ang katangitanging ganda ng Paete.

Mabuhay ang Paete at umaasa ako sa mga susunod pang kabanata ng memorabilia, salamat po.

Ross Navarro
Niagara Falls, Ontario