NOTE: Click here to download the Contract.


1. Your write ups or headings could be written in English or Tagalog. Materials could be in any of the following forms:

a) A Photo
b) Family Tree
c) Family History (essay, drawing, poem, or song lyric)
d) Paetenian Chapter history, Photos, activities and projects.
e) Photo, history, objectives and projects of a social/civic/religious organization,
basketball team or barkada.
f) Literary Piece or Art Work, Picture of Statue (Photo of subject with or without description, name of Sponsor will appear at the bottom of the Photo/write up. Poem or song submitted should relate to Paete or its people)
g) Photo, history of a Business industry, Woodcraft factory or store located in Paete,
or owned by a Paetenian.

2. There is no limit in the number of pages paid by the sponsor, but to give chance for other families to subscribe, at present we would accept only two (2) pages per family or any combination of – family/barkada/literary/business. A clan can publish as many number of pages entitled to each family within the clan. Limit for the Paetenians International Chapters - 3 pages per chapter.

3. Colored picture is acceptable, but Black and White with light-colored background is preferred for sharper quality of printing.

4 . Photo reproduction is encouraged. Please DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL COPY OF A
PICTURE. We will not be responsible for any material lost in the mail. Upon request, copy of the picture sent to us for scanning will be returned to the sponsor after the
completion of the book project.

5. We encourage you to send scanned photos via e-mail with your desired text or layout. Please do not put borders because all pages will have uniform corner borders. Allow about one inch margin all around on a 9” x 12” page. If no ready layout is sent to us, our graphics designer will lay it out for you. Photos will be resized to fit within the page.

6. If there is time available, we will send a copy of the draft layout for approval by the
Sponsor via e-mail or fax.

7. The Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to reject any materials that are of immoral nature,
or those that express derogatory or controversial substance detrimental to the well-
being of the Paetenians.

8. Our Editors will try to correct any misspelling or suggest better grammar, if needed.
If you want the Editorial Staff to help you in writing your family history or any articles,
please let us know ahead of time.