Be a part of this great way to honor our family heritage and to keep alive the memories of our hometown! See sample materials, go to Photo Gallery.

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(A peek at the memorabilia book)

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Paete Memorabilia 2004

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  • 08/25/06 Ka Noel Received The Books - see letter below
    Dear Fred,
    We received 10 boxes of the Memorabilia Books containing 10 books per box delivered by Ricky today. They are secured inside my office and will wait for further instructions from you, Nel and Raul on the distribution mechanics.

    I have scanned the book and i think it is a work of art by itself. I guess I was not mistaken when I said it will be "A BOOK OF A LIFETIME !"

    I'm personally very pleased to be a part of this great Memorabilia. Congratulations for a job very well done!
    Ka Noel

  • 08/24/06 Memorabili Book On Its Way To Paete

    The first batch of Memorabilia books will soon be in Paete. The Mayor, Sangguniang Bayan and the Tourism Office will have the privilege of previewing the first copies of the Paete Memorabilia 2004. The copies for subscribers in Paete and some in Metro Manila will be distributed later during the book launching in Paete. (Date to be announced later by the Mayor). A few copies will be brought back to U.S.A. by balikbayans currently vacationing.

    Other copies will be shipped in September (it will take about a month to reach New York) and then mailed out to various Paetenian Chapters.

    The mailing addresses are being completed. If you have changed your address since 2005, kindly inform us of the new address. Also, if you have a Postal Office Box, please send us your actual address. The book is large (9-1/2" x 12") and heavy, 6 lbs. 3 oz. so it probably won't fit the P.O. Box. Those who subscribed via phone & email and did not fill up the pledge/contract form, we need your mailing addresses.

    Reminder, effective September 1, 2006, the cost of book will be raised to $60 (or Pesos 3,000 if paid thru Rural Bank of Paete) to defray the expensive cost of shipping and handling.

    Fred M. Cagayat
    Editor - Paete Memorabilia 2004

Our long wait will soon be over. The Printer assured us that the books will be released at the end of August, 2006.

I am very happy and excited to announce that I have obtained an advance copy of the book and the finished product looks very satisfactory. (See photo of the cover, book case and enlarged picture from tatlong krus on the inside cover).

Thanks to Raul Roque, our Metro Manila coordinator, whose patience and persistence guaranteed a high-resolution cover . Moreover, his group called “the rainbow coalition” also helped in the final proofreading to ensure that there are no errors or less errors possible. But we are equally grateful to our kababayan printer whose cooperation and critical work helped in producing an excellent quality book. Unlike other printers who just print whatever is submitted to them, our printer went out of their way to check and double check everything, informing us of anything wrong – spelling or otherwise – so that the necessary correction or changes are made. This cautious but wise approach somewhat delayed the printing and binding. But it is worth the wait as you will soon find out. The Northeast officers and guests who saw the copy of the book during the Officers’ meeting last Sunday all agreed that the book is really nice and worth to be called, “Paete’s book of a lifetime.”

If you have noticed, there is a special bonus to the book. Each book has a sturdy cardboard book case that will protect and preserve the book. Very professionally done. The enlarged photos of the town --from Tatlong Krus and from Wawa Park – that adorned the inside and back covers give an added lasting impression of our beautiful town.

If you are planning to order extra copies, please order now. We only have limited copies available. The book weighs 6 lbs. and 3 oz, quite heavy, which makes the shipping and handling difficult. Because of the bulk and expensive cost of shipping, effective September 1, 2006 all extra copies purchased will cost $60 per copy (Pesos 3,000 if paid thru Rural Bank of Paete).

We are planning a simple book launching in Paete for the distribution to all subscribers in Paete and Metro Manila. For overseas (USA, Canada, etc), the books will be shipped to New York ( takes at least a month) and then forwarded to Paetenian Chapters in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto. If there is any Paetenian who will be in Paete in September/ October, please let us know. Perhaps he/she can bring back to USA or Canada a few copies instead of waiting for the shipment to come.

From time to time, updates on the shipping, handling, and distribution of the book will be posted in the Memorabilia Website c/o Col. Lando Malinis. (go to and click on the memorabilia logo on the right or go ). We will keep the memorabilia website open until the final distribution and accounting have been made. ***Fred M. Cagayat –Editor


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