What is the Paete Memorabilia?

The Paete Memorabilia – 2004 is a book consisting of 400 to 500 pages to be published in conjunction with the Balik Paete celebration in December, 2004. As the name implies
– Memorabilia –means something to remember about our hometown Paete. This book written in English and Tagalog, and printed in black and white, will be bound in hard cover with colorful design made by Paete’s internationally well-known painter-artist, Manny Baldemor.

What are the other objectives of the Memorabilia?

• To collect and preserve in paper the memories and history of our hometown Paete, its people, and its bountiful treasures of arts and culture.
• To serve as a mirror of the past, grand view of the present, and legacy to the future generations.

Who are the people behind this project?

This project was spearheaded by the Paetenians International Northeast USA Chapter and is supported and participated by all Paetenian Chapters around the world. Every Paetenian who subscribes to this publication becomes an important participant in this project. The Editorial Board, headed by the President of the Northeast USA Chapter, has four veteran writers/authors who will act as editorial consultants and resource persons. Other members of the Board consist of two experienced graphic artists, two webmasters as IT consultants, other NE officers responsible for various aspects of the publication. Various Paetenian Chapters are represented in the Editorial Board by specially selected Contributing Editors. The names of the people composing the Editorial Board can be found in the Editorial Board page.

What will be done with the funds derived from this publication?

After deducting all the overhead expenses like printing and binding costs, administrative costs, shipping and handling expenses and other sundry expenses, the net proceeds will be earmarked for worthwhile project/s in Paete. All Paetenian Chapters will be consulted by the Editorial Board on what project/s will be the ultimate beneficiaries of the available funds. The Treasurer of the Northeast Chapter, and in-charge of the Publication Finance will keep a separate accounting records for the Publication of the Memorabilia book. Copy of the Financial Report will be available upon written request from anybody interested.

What will be the contents of this book?

The main sections of the book will include the following:

About the Town : Where in the world is Paete ? – Geographical location and maps; population; town’s legend; short history, including memories of World War II; town heroes; sculptors; government; industry; religion; Paete’s calendar of annual events; famous Paetenians through the years; Ten Outstanding Living Paetenians (TOLP); Paetenians in Cyberspace; and just about everything about Paete since its founding in 1580..

Family Heritage Section: Family photos; Family trees; Family Histories; Life and Adventures of Paetenians in Foreign Land. Names will be listed alphabetically. Upon request, related families may be listed with their main clan.

Paetenian International Chapters: Write-ups, photos, pictures, activities, projects of the various chapters in – Canada, Chicago, D.C., Northeast USA, Northern California, Southern California, Guam-Saipan, Paete, and other regional areas like, Texas, Florida & Carolinas, Middle East and Europe.

Barkadahan and organizations: We invite various social, civic, educational, religious, and sports groups to send in their pictures or write ups. Calling barkadas like Bolero, Wildcat, Jokers, St. James, Jubilee, Jobless, Dribblers, Super King, Lover Boys, Field Boys, Archers – Alcanars, Interwood/Eastply, Dribblers, Knights, Raiders – Navigators, Rampants, Rvegs, also – organizations like, Matanglawin, Jokers Club, Masons, etc. etc.

Literary and Arts Section: Poem, Song, or essay about Paete; pictures of religious statues with or without the owners/caretakers. Owners of the statues may want to request their family members or friends to sponsor a page or two.

Business Section: Feature of any business establishments in Paete, or businesses owned by Paetenians but located elsewhere.

Only in Paete: Compilation of Unique Paete Vocabulary, pamagats, Paete recipes, and Who’s Who in Paete or Paete Trivia.

Balik-Paete 2004: Pictures and write-ups about the events held in December, 2004.

How can I subscribe to the Paete Memorabilia?

To subscribe to the Memorabilia follow the directions below:

1. Prepare your materials in accordance with the Publication Guidelines.
2. Complete and sign the Contract to Publish
3. Prepare a check payable to :Paetenians USA, Inc. (NE) - $100 for one page and
$60 for half page.
4. Mail the check together with your materials to:
Mr. Alfredo M. Cagayat
Editor, Paete Memorabilia
269 Mountainview Avenue
Staten Island, N.Y. 10314
Please note that sending materials via e-mail is preferable. Send it to: p_memorab@yahoo.com

4. After the check has cleared, an acknowledgment receipt will be sent to the subscriber
via mail or e-mail.

When is the deadline for submission of materials?

The deadline for submission of materials is extended up to October 31, 2004. However, if the quota reserved for the number of pages is already filled before this deadline, we will implement the “First Come- First Served” rule. No materials will be accepted thereafter, except those relating to the Balik-Paete celebration in December, 2004.

Should I subscribe or not? If so, how can I be sure of being included in this publication?

We encourage you to work early on your materials (gather old & new photos, do your family tree, write your family history, barkada’s memoirs, organization’s pictures and activities, etc.) and make advance reservation by filling up the Survey/Pledge forms from this website. And be sure to send early your signed contract along with your payment and completed materials. Don’t be left out from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and regret the rest of your life. This is a rare chance to have the memory of your family and friends in a book, together with the memories of our town Paete. Keep the book and hand it down to your future generation. You’ll be glad you joined in.

How many pages are we allowed to subscribe?

At present, the maximum limit in the number of pages are two (2) pages in any combination of : family heritage/barkadahan/literary/business. The exception is for the various Paetenians International Chapters and Regional Chapters (at large) who are allowed a maximum of three (3) pages per Chapter.

We reserve the right to change this policy in case the available pages are not filled up at the final deadline date. If so, additional pages will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis using the date of reservation as the guide. Our initial available pages are 300 pages, but could be raised to 400 pages depending on the circumstances.

How do we pay when we are residing in the Philippines?

To facilitate the payments in Peso by subscribers in Paete and Metro Manila, I have mentioned to Mayor Cadayona about the following procedures:

1. Full Page = Pesos 5,500
2. Half Page = Pesos 3,300
3. Payment in Pesos to be deposited directly to the Paetenians NE Savings Account at Rural Bank of Paete.
4. Copy of the Deposit Slip shall be presented to the Paete Coordinating Committee, c/o Benny Cadang, who will e-mail me a report of any payments received.
5. I have spoken to Mrs. Loida Valdellon on behalf of the Manager Nora A. Asido about the arrangement. We will request for a weekly fax of deposits received by Rural Bank from Memorabilia subscribers.

When is the Memorabilia Book expected to be released?

Our target launching date is during the Sabado de Gloria of 2005 in Paete, and
Easter Sunday in the U.S.A.

How many memorabilia books will the subscriber receive?

Subscribers/Advertisers are entitled to one book for every page subscribed. A half-page subscriber also gets one book. Although a half-page subscriber gets also one copy, his/her subscribed space is limited.

Can anybody buy extra copies of the memorabilia book?

Yes, anybody who wants to buy extra copies of the book (subscribers or not) can purchase extra copies for $50 per copy. Preference will be given to advance orders.

Are you planning to give complimentary copies of the memorabilia book?
We are planning to give complimentary copies to : The Munisipyo, Paete High School Libraries, Elementary Schools, and National Library. Additional free copies might be issued upon approval by the Memorabilia Board. We suggest that Alumni of colleges and universities purchase copies of the memorabilia book and donate them to their own alma mater.

If I have a question, who should we contact, and how?

If you have any question about the Paete Memorabilia project, you may e-mail the Editor at: p_memorab@yahoo.com or at fredmc311@yahoo.com You can also reach him at: (718)-494-2188.

You can also contact the Managing Editor, Ramon Abary, at ramonabary@hotmail.com and telephone No. (215)-860-3333.