This section covers the different events going on related to the Paete Memorial 2004 project from its first inception to the solicitation, submission of materials, layouting, publishing, and distribution.


1. Raul Roque and I had a meeting with the Printer last January 13, 2006 to
see the progress of the book project. A complete set of blue prints (403 pages)
were shown to us for review. Due to limited time available (my last day in
Manila before going back to my home base in San Jose, Batangas - my staging
point for my return flight to New York) only a cursory review was done. While
the blue prints looked O.K. the printer suggested that I bring with me the blue
prints to New York to ensure a final thorough review. We noted that there are a
few things that had to be addressed before the mass printing, so I agreed.

2. I am glad that I brought the blue prints with me because I noticed some
minor pagination mix-up and a few things that had to be fixed.

3. The Blue prints with the corrections/comments will be returned to the
printer early next week. Raul Roque with the help of Mam Amor, Flora Lou Cadawas
and Saida,
will get together and take a final look (only for glaring errors) before the
mass printing.

4. The printing process will take one month, and another month for binding.
The owners of the printing press are Paetenians so we believe that they are
doing their best to ensure that the finished product is of good quality and
error-free (or less error)
if possible.

To our subscribers, thank you for your patience and understanding.

Fred M. Cagayat

Date: 02/21/05

1. Last call to complete your subscription

A) Some people have not yet completed their subscription order despite
the ample time given. We regret to inform you that in order to meet the
pressing printer’s deadline, all PAYMENTS AND MATERIALS MUST REACH US
BY MARCH 15, 2005. Any incomplete order (No payment OR No Material) will
result to the cancellation of your pledge/subscription.

B) If you have paid BUT HAVE NOT SUBMITTED YOUR MATERIAL by March 15,
2005, we will cancel your subscription and reimburse your payment after
deducting service charge for shipping, handling and processing costs.

C) If you have sent your material by postal mail or by courier, BUT
HAVE NOT YET PAID THE SUBSCRIPTION FEE by March 15, 2005, we will cancel
your subscription. We will keep the materials and wait for your
instruction on how to send them back. All return items will be sent by regular
(First Class) mail. But if you want your materials returned by special
form of delivery (UPS, FEDEX, PRIORITY MAIL, etc) you must send in your
payment for the cost of delivery.

D) If you have sent your material via E-mail BUT HAVE NOT YET PAID THE
SUBSCRIPTION FEE by March 15, 2005, we will cancel your subscription
and simply ignore your submitted article/material. After a reasonable
period of time, the files will be deleted from our system.

Note: Please remind our kababayans who might not have access to Usap
Paete or are not member of our mailing list about this important

2. Extra Copies of Memorabilia Book

There will be limited number of copies to be printed and there will be
no 2nd printing. Hence, in addition to the number of free copies
provided to subscribers, we need to know beforehand how many more extra
copies to be ordered from the printer. If you only have one free copy for
your family/clan, you should think of ordering now extra copies of the
book. Cost per copy is $50. We have received advanced order for 23 extra

3. List of Subscribers

There are about 250 pledged subscriptions. However, this figure might
be reduced after cancellation of incomplete orders. I am currently
reconciling my records with the payments received at Rural Bank of Paete and
Commerce Bank. Final list of Bona-fide Subscribers will be posted when
the verification is completed. If time permits, we will contact you if
there is a question on your payment or materials.

4. Printing Matters

I had a very productive meeting in Metro Manila last December 17, 2004
with our Printer-Publisher (MICA Printing Corp). The printing press is
owned by our own kababayan Millie Valdellon-Andola. Her daughter Tin
Valero who handles the computer & graphics layout is coordinating with us
on the printing matters. We have put a down payment for the cost of
paper supplies which must be ordered in advance.

5. Scanning and Layouting of Materials

There are still a lot of things to be done to prepare the submitted
materials. Some of the problems encountered in the preparation process

a) Pictures, text of materials submitted far exceeded the page/s

b) Pictures or page submitted are too dark or resolution too low (file
so small)

c) Material submitted is in picture form (not layered) and therefore
any obvious error can not be corrected or picture enhanced.

Once all the layouts are completed these will be transferred to a
desktop publishing format using the Pagemaker program. We are very fortunate
to have Lando Malinis and Ariel Villarin who promised to guide me and
help me in this process.

Fred M. Cagayat


Date: 9/25/03
Letter of Solicitation forwarded to the different Paetenians International Chapters' presidents.

Date: 07/03/03
In conjunction with the Balik-Paete 2004, the officers of Paetenians International – Northeast Chapter gladly announce the ambitious plan to publish this Memorabilia Book composing of approximately 400-500 pages.

Our set tentative deadlines are:

Sept-Oct. ‘03 Announcement & Circulation of Info about the book. Via
Website, mass mailing to different Paetenians Chapters
Including Paete. Samples of the book model will be in
form of powerpoint slide presentation (CD), or video
clips. Others might be by xeros copies of sample pages.

Nov. ’03 Start of submission of Materials

July ’04 Final Deadline for submission of Materials. However, this is on a First-Come, First Served basis. Therefore as soon
as the allotted number of pages for subscribers are met,
no more materials will be accepted. And the layout-
printing will begin.

Dec ’04 First Proof of printed pages. Gather additional materials
From Balik-Paete activities.

Jan ’05 Deadline for Balik-Paete pictures and write-ups

Feb ’05 Printing and Binding

Holy Week ’05 Book Launching to coincide with Sabado de Gloria Ball
In Paete or Easter Sunday Celebration in USA.