• MEMORABILIA UPDATES – September 28, 2006

    In response to numerous inquiries about the distribution/ delivery of the memorabilia books, here are the summary of events and current situation:

    1. Books for subscribers in Paete were distributed during the book launching in Paete last September 16, 2006. Some of those who could not pick up their books on that date got their copies thereafter.

    Some subscribers in USA and Canada requested that few copies be
    delivered to their families in Paete or Metro Manila.

    Out of the 100 copies sent to Paete, only 4 copies will be left after giving
    out the books to those in the list and some copies brought by balikbayans.

    2. Distribution of books for subscribers in Metro Manila is tentatively scheduled on October 8, 2006 to be done at the residence of Saida C. Dulay. Nel Africano and Raul Roque are coordinating on the distribution. There are about 10 copies scheduled for distribution. Out of the original 30 copies kept in Metro Manila, only 4 copies will be left after the distribution.

    3. To expedite delivery of books to subscribers in USA or Canada and therefore save on costly shipping costs, we encouraged the use of the “pakidala system” through some Balikbayans who were visiting Paete/Metro Manila.

    As a result of the “Pakidala system”:

    a) 9 copies were brought to Southern California through the kindness of Balikbayan Francis & Sally Adefuin and Vicky Mariano. Most of the copies are for the Ugale-David- Adefuin-Tuazon families and one for Glo Basa.

    b) 5 copies were picked up by Pedro Valdellon with a few of them going to the Valdellon families in Northern California. A copy will be given to Lily, the widow of the late Fil Grajera.

    c) 2 copies were brought by the visiting Tony Acyatan to Chicago, Illinois for Rico Cadayona and Luis Vitor. They had a mini book launching/book preview last 9/17/06 at the residence of Rico & Noni Cadayona. About 20 people attended the gathering, also to welcome Atty. Tony Acyatan.

    d) Three copies were brought to New York by my sister-in-law. One copy was given to Northeast President Baby Pascual, another one kept by me. And the 3rd copy was mailed to Memorabilia webmaster, Col Lando Malinis. He will lend the copy to Marie Cagahastian Castillo-Pruden for her book review from a professional journalist point of view.

    e) A sample/advance copy of the memorabilia was delivered in Canada when we visited Montreal last Labor Day weekend. Tom Cahatol showed it to the Canada Chapter officers during their meeting last September 16, 2006 held at Menen Solangon residence.

    f) 5 copies are being arranged through “pakidala” by the husband of Menen Solangon for delivery to Toronto (for Rey Carolino).

    g) 2 Copies were received in Paete by Annani Agravia for “pakidala” to Norma Acala-Duy in British Columbia.

    h) We are expecting another batch of books through “pakidala” by my brother-in-law who is coming from Batangas around the middle of October. From these copies, we will try to spread out the distribution of advance copies to: Florida, Las Vegas, Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, and Southern California (most number of Subscribers) and other selected places. Note: By advance means, at least one copy for those with 2 or more subscribed pages.

    i) All other subscribers will have to wait for the bulk shipment (240 copies) coming from Metro Manila to Staten Island, New York. Six balikbayan boxes containing 40 books each (weighing 236 lbs. per box!) had been picked up by Johnny Air Cargo for shipment. It will take approximately 60 days for shipping and clearing. Thus, the books will probably reach New York towards the end of November. Upon receipt, we will mail them out immediately to their final destination.

    For practical reasons, we will mail the boxes of books to the major Paetenians chapters like L.A., Chicago and Toronto for local distribution. We will include a few more copies for these chapters to take care of any future orders.

    Again, whoever wants to order extra copies of the Memorabilia, please place your order now. It will be on a first-paid-first- served basis since we only have limited number of copies left. The cost of one book is US$ 60.00 Please make your check payable to : Paetenians U.S.A., Inc. and send it to:

    Fred M. Cagayat
    269 Mountainview Avenue
    Staten Island, N.Y. 10314

    For those in the Philippines, you may order the book from Benny Cadapan at the Munisipyo and deposit your payment at the Rural Bank of Paete The cost per book is Pesos 3,000.00 If there are no more copies left in Paete & Metro Manila, please allow mailing time from New York, U.S.A. to the Philippines.


    Fred M. Cagayat, Editor
  • 09/08/06
    Thanks to Balikbayan Francis & Sallie Adefuin and Vicky Mariano, few copies of the books are now in California. Merle David-Ugale has now some of them, and one copy to be given to Glo Basa-Caguin. Puede kayong makibasa habang wala pa ang inyong mga kopya.

    I have requested Tony Acyatan to bring 2 copies of the memorabilia book ( he is now in California) so when he visits Chicago he can leave them to Rico Cadayona. One of the copies will be given to Chicago Chapter President, Luis Vitor.

    Pedro Valdellon will be bringing some copies of the books for the Valdellon Family in Northern California, with one copy to be sent to Lily Grajera, wife of the late Fil Grajera.

    Three copies will be brought to New York by my sister-in-law next week.

    With the advance copy of the book now ready to be picked up by Tom Cahatol, Canada will have a chance to preview the book.

    Meanwhile, the book launching and distribution in Paete will be on September 16th.

    Thus, while the bulk of the books for Northamerica will be shipped later, all major Paetenians Chapter will have a chance to enjoy reading the few available copies.

    We welcome your comments (good and bad) about ) Paete's book of a lifetime.

    Fred M. Cagayat

  • 08/29/06
    Details of the Memorabilia book launching as per Mayor Noel B. Cadayona:

    Date: September 16, 2006
    Time: 5:00 PM
    Place: Town Plaza

    Expected number of recipients - 70 pax
    Merienda Sena - to be provided by the Munisipyo


    Doxology..................................Fely Evangelista
    National Anthem........................Ana Adora Basa
    Opening Remarks......................Mayor Noel B. Cadayona
    Presentation of books &
    Distribution...............................Raul C. Roque/Nel Africano
    Special Number........................Hip-Hop dancer
    Acknowledgment from the Editor - Fred M. Cagayat (Message to be read
    by Raul C. Roque)
    Closing Remarks......................Vice Mayor Rojilyn Bagabaldo
    Paete Hymn.............................(the public)

    Master of Ceremonies..........Benny R. Cadapan

  • 08/28/06:

    Since the last update, here are the new developments:

    1. Preliminary Distribution List for Paete & Metro Manila was sent to Mayor Cadayona, Benny Cadapan, Raul Roque & Nel Africano. Benny Cadapan verified the addresses and sent his comments on the proprietry of the few addresses of the recipients.
    2. Renato Valdellon requested that his 4 copies of the book be picked up in Metro Manila by his brother Pedro or Tony. Pedro volunteered to bring Fil Grajera's copy to his widow Lily Grajera.
    3. Received payments for extra copies: a) Tom & Cia Altamero ($100) b) Abel Madrinan ($50) c) Merle D. Ugale ($100) and d) Claudio Badel ($50).
    4. Special request to deliver copies to Paete:
    a) Sonia Adea - one copy
    b) Ted Dono - one copy
    5. Established contact with Allan Caidic for the delivery of his copy at his office
    in San Miguel Corporation.
    6. Established contact with the shipper in Metro Manila for the remaining copies that will be sent to Jersey City, USA. Approximate shipping date - 2nd week of
    7. Since I will be in Montreal & Quebec City this weekend, the advance copy of
    the memorabilia book will be brought and given to Cora's cousin who lives in
    Markham, Ontario. Tom Cahatol will pick up the copy so that the Paetenians in
    Canada will have a chance to see in advance the finished book.

    Fred M. Cagayat

  • 08/25/06 Ka Noel Received The Books - see letter below
    Dear Fred,
    We received 10 boxes of the Memorabilia Books containing 10 books per box delivered by Ricky today. They are secured inside my office and will wait for further instructions from you, Nel and Raul on the distribution mechanics.

    I have scanned the book and i think it is a work of art by itself. I guess I was not mistaken when I said it will be "A BOOK OF A LIFETIME !"

    I'm personally very pleased to be a part of this great Memorabilia. Congratulations for a job very well done!
    Ka Noel

  • 08/24/06 Memorabili Book On Its Way To Paete

    The first batch of Memorabilia books will soon be in Paete. The Mayor, Sangguniang Bayan and the Tourism Office will have the privilege of previewing the first copies of the Paete Memorabilia 2004. The copies for subscribers in Paete and some in Metro Manila will be distributed later during the book launching in Paete. (Date to be announced later by the Mayor). A few copies will be brought back to U.S.A. by balikbayans currently vacationing.

    Other copies will be shipped in September (it will take about a month to reach New York) and then mailed out to various Paetenian Chapters.

    The mailing addresses are being completed. If you have changed your address since 2005, kindly inform us of the new address. Also, if you have a Postal Office Box, please send us your actual address. The book is large (9-1/2" x 12") and heavy, 6 lbs. 3 oz. so it probably won't fit the P.O. Box. Those who subscribed via phone & email and did not fill up the pledge/contract form, we need your mailing addresses.

    Reminder, effective September 1, 2006, the cost of book will be raised to $60 (or Pesos 3,000 if paid thru Rural Bank of Paete) to defray the expensive cost of shipping and handling.

    Fred M. Cagayat
    Editor - Paete Memorabilia 2004

  • 08/18/06 Paete Memorabilia Coming Soon

    Our long wait will soon be over. The Printer assured us that the books will be released at the end of August, 2006.

    I am very happy and excited to announce that I have obtained an advance copy of the book and the finished product looks very satisfactory. (See photo of the cover, book case and enlarged picture from tatlong krus on the inside cover).

    Thanks to Raul Roque, our Metro Manila coordinator, whose patience and persistence guaranteed a high-resolution cover . Moreover, his group called “the rainbow coalition” also helped in the final proofreading to ensure that there are no errors or less errors possible. But we are equally grateful to our kababayan printer whose cooperation and critical work helped in producing an excellent quality book. Unlike other printers who just print whatever is submitted to them, our printer went out of their way to check and double check everything, informing us of anything wrong – spelling or otherwise – so that the necessary correction or changes are made. This cautious but wise approach somewhat delayed the printing and binding. But it is worth the wait as you will soon find out. The Northeast officers and guests who saw the copy of the book during the Officers’ meeting last Sunday all agreed that the book is really nice and worth to be called, “Paete’s book of a lifetime.”

    If you have noticed, there is a special bonus to the book. Each book has a sturdy cardboard book case that will protect and preserve the book. Very professionally done. The enlarged photos of the town --from Tatlong Krus and from Wawa Park – that adorned the inside and back covers give an added lasting impression of our beautiful town.

    If you are planning to order extra copies, please order now. We only have limited copies available. The book weighs 6 lbs. and 3 oz, quite heavy, which makes the shipping and handling difficult. Because of the bulk and expensive cost of shipping, effective September 1, 2006 all extra copies purchased will cost $60 per copy (Pesos 3,000 if paid thru Rural Bank of Paete).

    We are planning a simple book launching in Paete for the distribution to all subscribers in Paete and Metro Manila. For overseas (USA, Canada, etc), the books will be shipped to New York ( takes at least a month) and then forwarded to Paetenian Chapters in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto. If there is any Paetenian who will be in Paete in September/ October, please let us know. Perhaps he/she can bring back to USA or Canada a few copies instead of waiting for the shipment to come.ll keep the memorabilia


    1. Raul Roque and I had a meeting with the Printer last January 13, 2006 to
    see the progress of the book project. A complete set of blue prints (403 pages)
    were shown to us for review. Due to limited time available (my last day in
    Manila before going back to my home base in San Jose, Batangas - my staging
    point for my return flight to New York) only a cursory review was done. While
    the blue prints looked O.K. the printer suggested that I bring with me the blue
    prints to New York to ensure a final thorough review. We noted that there are a
    few things that had to be addressed before the mass printing, so I agreed.

    2. I am glad that I brought the blue prints with me because I noticed some
    minor pagination mix-up and a few things that had to be fixed.

    3. The Blue prints with the corrections/comments will be returned to the
    printer early next week. Raul Roque with the help of Mam Amor, Flora Lou Cadawas
    and Saida,
    will get together and take a final look (only for glaring errors) before the
    mass printing.

    4. The printing process will take one month, and another month for binding.
    The owners of the printing press are Paetenians so we believe that they are
    doing their best to ensure that the finished product is of good quality and
    error-free (or less error)
    if possible.

    To our subscribers, thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Fred M. Cagayat

  • As of October 15, 2005

    1. The final batches of materials had been sent to the Printing Press in the Philippines. According to the printer, the layouting and printing process will take a month, and then the binding will take another month. Thus, if everything goes well, the book will be completed and released in early December, 2005.

    2. There are 252 pages subscribed and the final list of subscribers can be found at this address:


    3.The above list has been posted in the following:

    a) Paetenian Mailing List
    b) Usap Paete
    c) Memorabilia Website (under Survey & Pledges)

    4. The book has a total of 408 pages, hard bound and colored cover with a book jacket. There are also six colored pages and four sepia colored pages.

    5. We tried our best to place next to each other all related pages. When the article consisted of 2 pages or more, we tried to have the related pages face to face.

    6. For half-pages subscription, we grouped them by twos (to make a full page), and we tried to place them as close as possible to the nearest alphabetical order. A few had to be placed in the Sundries Section to preserve the ideal order of the pages. At any rate, for easy reference, there is an INDEX showing all the page numbers for all subscribers.

    7. The books will be shipped directly from the printer via Johnny Air Cargo (or other courier services) to different Chapters for local distribution. We will contact all Chapter Presidents/Chairman to facilitate an orderly shipment to subscribers within their boundaries. A master list of subscribers will be made by region . Example: Northern California, Southern California,Canada, Chicago, Northeast, DC and U.A.E.

    8. If there is anybody going home to Paete in December, 2005, please contact the Editor. Instead of waiting for the bulk shipment, (average of 45 days or more by boat), perhaps some copies can be brought back to USA/Canada for early distribution. An advance copy will be mailed from New York to each Paetenian Chapter in January, 2006.

    9. Due to storage and shipping issues, we have ordered only 400 copies of the memorabilia, with no reprints. So if you want to have extra copies for the other members of the family or friends, advance order is suggested to ensure getting a copy. Only 100 extra copies will be available for sale, of which twenty had been paid for already. Those who have ordered earlier for advance copies must pay in full by December 1, 2005. After that, it will be on a First-pay, First-served basis.


  • Dec. 14, 2004

    1. As previously announced, I am putting on hold all preparations relating to the Memorabilia because of my forthcoming trip for Balik Paete. I will resume working on the unfinished business when I come back in early January, 2005. My internet access or e-mail would probably be limited or sporadic. I will continue, however, to piece together and gather information on other matters relating to the book project, like contacting the Printer- Publisher, and making follow ups on the materials coming from Paete and Metro Manila.

    2. I am sorry to inform you also that I was not able to update and finalize the list of subscribers before I leave. There were those who opted to pay or send their materials to Paete, or vice-versa making it difficult to reconcile the records at the last minute. I will post the final list on or before January 17, 2005.
  • DECEMBER 1, 2004

    1. Received from Benny Cadapan, Memorabilia Coordinator in Paete, a Master List of Subscribers and payments as of November 30, 2004. There were 21 full pages and 13 half-page subscriptions. Early last week, I received by FEDEX the materials submitted in Paete, including receipts of deposits made at Rural Bank of Paete, and pictures and articles from the High Schools, Churches, and greetings from the Laguna Governor and Paete Mayor.

    2. The subscription to the Memorabilia is now officially closed. Unless you have previous commitment with the Editor, or payment aleady received, we will no longer honor your late subscription. We believe that the two extensions we have given were more than enough. The extensions were necessary to give chance to
    Paete-Metro Manila subscribers who had a late start. Due to the extensions,
    however, the timetable for the preparation and printing and release of the book will definitely be pushed back. We will not rush the work to ensure that we will have a good quality Memorabilia book.

    3. Because of our forthcoming Balik-Paete trip, the work on the Memorabilia materials will be put on hold temporarily and won't be attended to until we come back in early January, 2005. After Dec. 15th I will probably have limited or no internet access, and may not be able to communicate with the subscribers. I will only try to communicate in matters relating to the receipt of payments or any very important and urgent matters.

    4. I am currently reconciling the pledges/subscriptions with the payments received and I'll try to prepare a list of all subscribers before December 15. There are cases
    to be resolved like a subscription paid by another member of the family, those paid in Paete, upgrades from half to full page, and additional pages "pahabols". Please check the list and notify the Editor of any discrepancies so I can verify them.

    5. We thank everyone who joined the memorabilia. We are very pleased with the last minute surge of interest on the Memorabilia. My wife and I take pleasure in reading the completed materials which narrated many untold stories of various families. These interesting stories will be preserved in the pages of the Memorabilia for current and future generations to enjoy.

  • November 11, 2004:
    In response to many inquiries regarding the Memorabilia Deadline that just ended on October 31, 2004, and the possibility of still subscribing to the book, we would like to issue the following announcement and guidelines:



    a)Contract/Pledges and Materials - should be sent in by November 16, 2004

    b)Payments should be deposited at Rural Bank of Paete by November 30, 2004.


    a) Must submit Pledges or contracts, Payments and materials by
    NOVEMBER 16, 2004. Previous pledges and contracts still valid but must submit payments and materials by NOVEMBER 16, 2004.

    NOTE: To be included in the Memorabilia, your pledges, Contracts, and payments must be sent in by NOVEMBER 16, 2004.

    After NOVEMBER 16, 2004, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT any more pledges, contracts, payments, and materials except those Postmarked on or before NOVEMBER 16, 2004.

    We urge everybody, particularly the Presidents, Chairman, and officers of various Paetenians Chapters to pass on this information to all our kababayan around the world.

    Although we want to accommodate as many subscribers as possible, due to limited pages available, and the shortened time for preparing the materials for printing, we regret to inform you that we will officially close the subscription process as of

  • November 9, 2004:

    We have approximately 220 pages subscribed. Payments are immediately deposited at Commerce Bank and copy of the checks and deposit slips sent to our treasurer Ms. Norie Quesada-Catiis. Because of the pahabols, additional pages requested, pledges and even advanced order of copies, we will report to you the exact number of pages when all the figures are reconciled.

  • November 8, 2004:

    Received payments from:
    Isolda Duenas w/ Contract... $100
    Maria Aileen Villarin Balce..$100
    Gunnar Emausson f/o Hermie Baisas.$40.

  • November 7, 2004:

    Received e-mail from Benny Cadapan/N. Cadayona on Status of Paete Subscriptions including payment deposits at Rural Bank of Paete. Materials & Photos to be sent by FedEx next week.

  • November 6, 2004:

    Received payments from:
    Abundio Baet for Cesar Aca...$100
    Maura Abueg.$100
    Gloria Baldemor..............$100
    w/ contract & CD Rom
    Lita V. Madridejos...........$100

  • November 4, 2004:

    Received payment from Rico Cadayona $200; Maria Luisa Vitor...$200 w/contract.

  • November 3, 2004:

    Received from Norma A. Duy:
    CD Rom for revised materials &
    Additional $100.

  • November 2, 2004:

    Received payment from:
    George & Rosy Villarin....$ 60.
    Renato Valdellon (addl)...$100

  • November 1, 2004:

    Received materials/contract by mail from Willi "Red" Buhay.
    Received contract & layout of pics from Atty.Crispin Lozano.
    Received contract, materials and check for $560 from Meliza Roque.

  • October 31, 2004:

    Received materials from Renato Valdellon

    Received pledges from Carolino Family for 10 pages, plus 2 pages for Quesada-Dandana Family.

    Upgrade 1/2 page to full page for Hermie Baisas.

  • October 29, 2004:

    Received payments from:
    Mila Vitor-Butzen......$100.
    Rosalie Adefuin (2 cks)of $100 each.
    Saida Dulay............$100.

    Received materials /contracts from:
    Mila Vitor-Butzen, Rosalie Villarin,
    Pat Dulay, Norma A. Duy, Meliza Roque.

    Additional pledge for 1 page - Maria Luisa Vitor.

  • October 27, 2004:

    Received materials by e-mail from:
    Emil Cadayona, Lita V. Madridejos,
    Ofelia Ac-Ac.

  • October 25, 2004:

    Received payments from:
    Atty. Crispin Lozano - $200.
    Renato Arban...........$100.

  • October 15, 2004:

    Received contract for 1 page and advance order for an extra copy from Gloria Acu Vitalicio.

    Total pages from Paying Subscribers = 185 pages

  • October 14, 2004:

    Received the amount of $60 from Tony Val C. Ludovico
    Received a pledge for one literary page from : Milagros Vitor-Butzen

  • October 13, 2004:

    Received the amount of $300 from the following:
    Josefina C. Contreras ($100); PI-Abu Dhabi ($100); PI- Dubai ($100) with
    CD Rom from Ernie Afurong

  • October 9, 2004:

    Received the amount of $300 from the following:
    Delia C. DeGuzman ($100 addl); PI-Chicago ($200)

  • October 8, 2004:

    Received the amount of $360 from the following:
    Ernie Villarin ($100); F.M. Cagayat ($200); & Clarita Madridejos ($60)

  • October 7, 2004:

    Received the amount of $320 from the following:
    Noel Ian Cadayona ($120); Omar Adefuin ($200) -with materials

  • October 6, 2004

    1. Received $160 from - Nemie Baldemor Diaz ($100) with poem & pictures, and Juanito Baldemor ($60) with text & picture.
    2. Received on large wedding picture of Joey and $5 cash for mailback of pictures.

  • October 5, 2004

    1. Received call from Norma A. Duy for additional page for Hermogenes Aseoche Family.
    2. Subscribed by phone - Willie Buhay from Chicago, plus 2 extra copies of books
    3. Received contract from Rogel Dalagan
    4. Received $310 from: Zomy Abanilla ($100; Marilou Encina ($100) with contract; and Julian Afurong ($110) with picture.

  • October 4, 2004

    1. Received payments from - Norma A. Duy ($100), Honorio Bagongahasa & Glo ($60), SoCal Chapter ($300), Glo Basa Caguin for Basa Families ($500), & Jo Dantoc ($60).

    2. Received also contract for Agapito Acala Agravia; 7 pictures from Rico Cadang, Contract & pictures from H. Bagongahasa; one page directory from SoCal Chapter; contracts from Basa Family; picture and contract from Joe Dantoc.

  • OCTOBER 3, 2004

    Yes, we are extending our deadline by another month - to October 31st, by special request from Mayor Noel Cadayona. As you know, there was a late start and announcement about the Memorabilia for Paete and Metro Manila areas. This was due to the lack of e-mail and internet connection in Paete, so the announcement was only sent out not too long ago via regular mail, with the help of Mayor Cadayona. So the people from Paete and Metro Manila beg us to give them a little time allowance to prepare their materials and send in their payments. Benny Cadapan was selected to head the Paete Coordinating Committee to help the Memorabilia project.

    So those of you who were not able to join in, this is your last chance to be included in Paete's book of a lifetime. We would like to see more families to join in -- like the families of the former Mayors: Emo Afurong, Dandoy Balquiedra, Cornelio Calabig, and Manuel Agbada Sr. & Jr. Kindly relay this information to their relatives. We would like also to invite the family of the late Dodong Cajumban, Paete's famous historian, and more from the clans of the Baldemor, Cagandahan, Cagayat, Madridejos, and many others.

    We were thrilled that we already have 181 pages of subscribed /pledged pages as of yesterday. My wife and I enjoyed browsing at the materials that already came in, taking note of the unique and sometimes sentimental records of family history, photos, as well as the creativity on some of the articles and layouts. I am also elated and energized by some of the thank yous and words of encouragement given by some of you, for accepting this challenge and big responsibility in spearheading this worthwhile project. We will try to make this project a big success, but I will still need a lot of help from some of you along the way. In the next few days, I will be asking for some volunteers who can help us make this book the pride of Paete.


  • October 2, 2004 - UPDATES

    1. Picked up from the Post Office the following Express/Certified Mail/Priority mail:

    a) Abundio "Ayang" Baet - Check ($200), materials incl. 2 diskettes
    b) Elena Arban Eraso - check ($200)
    c) Merle Ugale - check for 2 half pages ($120) w/Contracts

    2. Received by Regular Mail:

    a) Alicia Bagalso ($200) w/ pictures & articles & Contract
    b) Thelma Cuevas ($200)
    c) Rogelio Dalagan ($300) with picture
    d) Victoria & Narciso Mariano ($60)
    e) Gerlino Paelmo (Blank check & 2 pictures)
    f) Mody & Mady Rivera ($300) & Contract
    f) Delia C. Sunga ($200)

    3. Received revised Family Tree of Fabiana Acuram from Tom & Cia Altamero.

  • OCTOBER 1, 2004

    1. Payments and materials still coming in. There were 7 checks received totalling $920 from: Abel Madrinan (with Materials), Tom & Cia Altamero, Aramis & Thelma Jucaban (with picture), PI-DC Chapter c/o Jun Casilag, Sonia Adea (with picture & family tree), Fe Cruz-Chamberlin (with pictures), Cenen & Nelia C. Punzalan (materials sent by Sonny via e-mail).

    2. There were 3 notices from the Post Office still for pickup - for express/registered mail. (one identified from Ugale). Letters to be picked up this coming Saturday.

    3. Advance order for one copy - from Abel Madrinan

    NOTE: I received many notices by phone & e-mails that payments and materials are on their way..!!!.

  • SEPTEMBER 30, 2004

    1. Received additional 2 half pages and 3 full pages bringing the total subscribed pages to 181 pages. New subscriptions came from: Isolda Villarin-Duenas, Ming Baldemor, Dolly Caday-Gregg (addl), and Ted Balasi.

    2. Received 10 checks amounting to $1,920 from: Dolly Caday-Gregg (with Materials), Terri Bartolome (with Materials), Edwin Africano (with materials), Gunnar Emausson, Gina de Mesa (with materials), Renato Valdellon, Marion B. Baldemor, Ampy & Ramon Tiongco (with materials).

    3. Received 2-page materials via e-mail from Lou Encina for the Villarin families.

  • SEPTEMBER 29, 2004

    1) I am so happy and excited that in the last 2 days I have received many last minute additions to the Memorabilia subscription list. An additional of 20 pages (composing of half-pages and full pages) poured in bringing the overall total of paying subscribers to 177 pages! Kaya, habol na rin kayo! The more the merrier! Kahit half-page lang, ayos rin dahil may libro rin kayo.

    The 10 pages came directly to me, while the other 10 pages were through the strong solicitation efforts of the Southern California Chapter (special mention-Glo, Sonia, Fely and all). And they are still going for more. Thank you SoCal, we won't forget your initiative and persistent efforts.

    Special thanks also to Rey Carolino for his constant reminders and cajoling to our Kababayans who might miss the boat.

    The names of the recent pledges/subscriptions are:
    Jose Dantoc, Gunnar Emausson (addl), Norma Acala-Duy f/o Ligaya Agravia, Francisco/Elvissa Villarin, Cynthia "Ten" Bagabaldo, Fe Cruz Chamberlin (addl), Mody & Mady Rivera, Anselmo & Oliva Madrinan, Alicia Afunggol Bagalso, Juanito Baldemor, Manuel Tolentino , Nancy Mariano Ables, and Tony Acyatan. From Glo's list - Francis/Sallie David Adefuin & Juanita Villarin-David, Merle David Ugalde, Amado David, Alvaro & Rowena Valdecantos-Balquiedra, Minda Valdecantos-Chin, Jose Marzan-Villagracia, Jerry & Leoncia Bague Marzan, Levie Basa-Yap/Sarah Basa-Romasanta, Julie Basa-Nubla/Primo Basa/Melissa Basa, Carla Basa-Uy, Mari Dalay-Basa, Alex Dalay Basa, and Honorio & Flor Asido Bagongahasa.

    2) Advance order for extra copies made by Amang Tom & Cia Altamero - 2 copies, and possible orders to come from UAE, per Ernie Afurong. To all subscribers - if you subscribed a page for the whole clan, make sure that you order extra copies for all the family units within the clan. We have only limited number of extra copies and first priority for advance order will be given to existing subscribers. $50 per copy payable by December 31, 2004.

    3) Check payments received from : Florencia B. Chiasson ($100), Ces Alberto ($400) and Puring Afurong ($100).

    4) Materials received via snail mail & e-mails: Ayang Baet, Florencia Chiasson, Ces Alberto, Delia Sunga, Sonny/Fe Cruz.

  • SEPTEMBER 26, 2004

    With the Memorabilia deadline getting closer, there is a lot of activities going on - people trying to join in at the last minute, and materials and payments are starting to come in.
    Since the last update here are the developments:

    1. Received a total of additional subscriptions for four (4) pages to bring the total subscribed pages to 157. New (additional) subscribers are: Acella Arban, Dolly Caday-Gregg, Rogel Dalagan (addl), Dita Belen-Suico, Hermie & Armando Baisas.
    2. Received advanced order for one copy from - Joann Cagayat-Jamito = one copy.
    3. Type of subscription changed from one page to two half-pages from Gunnar Emausson.
    4. Received materials from the following -
    a) Alberto-Baet-Carreon Families
    b) Edil Navarro (with check)
    c) Evan Baldemor-Balingit
    d) Ayang "Gatpuno" Baet
    e) Dean Dalan
    f) Benny Cagayat
    g) Dita Belen-Suico (with check)

  • SEPTEMBER 22, 2004

    It was just 2 days ago since my last update, but it seems things are heating up as we draw closer to the deadline. I am getting more and more phone calls and e-mail queries and pledges.

    Here are the latest:

    1. Additional subscriptions - six (6) from: Dr. Teodoro Navarro, Gerlino Paelmo, Sonia Adea-Paelmo, and DC Chapter. Total paying subscribers to date = 153

    2. Payments received from: Ross Navarro and Dr. Teodoro Navarro.

    3. Materials received from: Dr. Teodoro Navarro and Ian & Evelyn Cadayona

    4. Gerlino Paelmo cancelled his advanced order of 2 extra copies of memorabilia, and replaced it with 2 full pages of subscription with his brother Iman.

  • SEPTEMBER 20, 2004

    1. Since the last update we have received five (5) pages of additional subscription bringing the total to 146 paying subscribers. The additional subscribers are:
    Delia Sunga (2), Abu Dhabi Chapter (1), Dubai Chapter (1) and Mark Cadawas (1 addl).

    2. We received materials from the following: Odon Fadul, Nandy Afurong, Mark Cadawas (prelim) and Southern California Chapter-c/o Odon Fadul -(partial).

    3. Payments were received from : Nandy Afurong, and Julian Afurong.

    Reminders: Please submit your materials early so we can start checking the layouts and do some editing. IF YOU ARE SENDING YOUR MATERIALS BY E-MAIL, I PREFER TO HAVE IT SENT TO THE MEMORABILIA ADDRESS BECAUSE IT HAS LARGER STORAGE - The e-mail address is: p_memorab@yahoo.com.

  • September 12, 2004

    1. Since the last update, we have received additional subscription for 6 pages. They are: Pining Tuazon-Dalan, Elena Eraso, Evan Baldemor-Balingit, additional page for Virgil Madrinan and Abel Madrinan.

    2. Received advance order for extra copies of the Memorabilia - 13 copies from:
    Julian Afurong (1), Fe Cruz-Chamberlin (6), Cynthia Bagabaldo (1), Fely Casilag-
    Burgdorfer (1), and Fred Cagayat (4).

    3. Received materials from the following: Zomy Abanilla, Sonia Balandra, Benny Cadapan (Rev), Delia Cagayat-De Guzman, Virgil Madrinan (rev), Abel Madrinan, Norie Catiis (rev), and Lando Malinis.

    4. Received news from Mayor Cadayona and Benny Cadang on the formation of a team to handle the Memorabilia matters in Paete composed of : Auring Cadapan, Vivian Sanchez, Vicky Baldemor, Henry Ponce, and Benny Cadapan.

    They also reported that they have taken selected pictures of the town & people as requested by the Editor, and will send the copies by early October. They also
    distributed the flyer - "Paanyaya" together with the contract and guidelines to
    prospective subscribers.

    September 6, 2004
    As per Virgil's suggestion, starting today, I am going to post an update on the Memorabilia Project everytime something happens.

    Since last update (9/1/04) here are the updates:

    1. Received pictures and captions, with payment from the family of Delia Cagayat-De Guzman from San Diego.
    2. Received advance order for one extra copy of Memorabilia from Amang Julian Afurong.
    3. Received advance order for six (6) extra copies of Memorabilia from Fe Cruz-Chamberlin.


  • SEPTEMBER 1, 2004

    Just 30 days to go to deadline!!! Don't miss the boat! Time flies, so hurry and join Paete's book of a lifetime...What a great way to honor your family heritage and to keep alive the memories of your hometown!

    Since the last update, we have received additional subscriptions for 9 and 1/2 pages, bringing the total paying subscriptions to 137 pages. To ensure that every family unit in your clan receives a copy of the memorabilia, place now your advance order for extra copies of the memorabilia for $50 a copy. Payment not due until December 31, 2004.

    The new subscribers are: Pastor Gagaring, Fe Cruz-Chamberlin, Gunnar Emausson, Ross Navarro, Evelyn Cadayona, Pabling Afuang, and Pining T. Dalan.

    We have received materials from the following subscribers:
    Benny Cadang, Protacio Cagandahan, Luis Vitor, Puring Afurong, and Julian Afurong. To date, we have received payment for 23 pages.

    Reminder: Kindly make the check or money order payable to: PAETENIANS USA, Inc." Please DO NOT not put "For Deposit Only" to give us flexibility for proper endorsement.

  • AUGUST 19, 2004

    1. Since the last update, we have received additional pledges for nineteen (19) pages: 18 family pages and one business page. The overall total pledged is now 127 and 1/2 pages.

    2. The new pledges came from: Jessie Cadayona-Contreras, Gina Navarro-De Mesa, Ernesto Villarin, Col. Frank Quesada (for Balquiedra Clan), Luis Vitor, Lily Quesada, Tony Val Caday Ludovico, Abel Madrinan, Imelda Valdres Roque, Fe Valdres, Rico Cadang, Zomy Abanilla, Dan Dalan, Tom & Cia Altamero, Larry Baguio, Benny Cadang, Julian Afurong, Rodolfo Valdecantos, and Col. Carolino.

    3. The surge of interest in the memorabilia was brought about by the e-mail blast sent by Rey Carolino to hundreds of e-mail addresses. Flyers on Important News Updates for Balik Paete & Memorabilia were distributed by all chapters during their annual fiesta picnic, and we received some pledges and inquiries due to this.

    4. The Paetenians & friends who attended the SoCal fiesta picnic had a rare chance to see copy of Balik San Jose 2000 book, the model book for the Paete Memorabilia. The Villarin & Abary families from the Northeast brought this model book to the SoCal picnic. We heard some positive remarks and hopefully those who saw the model book will be encouraged to subscribe to our very own Memorabilia book.

    5. Starting immediately, we will accept advance purchase orders for extra copies of the Memorabilia book. Members of the family or clan who subscribed for half or one page, will have the chance to have a copy of their own. Advance sales order is important so we would know how many books more or less should be printed. There will be only one printing, so make sure that you order now for extra copies of the Memorabilia.

    6. For those who have subscribed, we just want to remind you that your materials and payments are due by September 30, 2004. For those who are still contemplating on whether or not to subscribe, this is your last chance to be included in Paete's book of a lifetime. You'll be glad that you joined in.

  • July 14, 2004:

1. Since the last update, we have received pledges for 16 and ½ pages for an overall total of 108 and ½ pages.

2. The new pledges came from: Chicago Chapter, Renato Valdellon, Flora Dono, Cecilia Alberto, Lita V. Madridejos, Edil Navarro, Tacio Cagandahan (add’l), Odon Fadul, Tino Paelmo, and Ayang Baet.

3. We have sent flyers to all Paetenians Chapters on Important News Updates about Memorabilia and Balik-Paete, for distribution during the annual Fiesta Picnic.

4. We have requested Ernie Afurong of UAE to prepare graphic art design for the cover where Manny Baldemor’s painting “Simbang Gabi” will be the centerpiece.

5. The Editor has been in close contact with Inang Flora N. Filoteo discussing ideas about the Memorabilia articles, particularly on the World War II Section.

6. We have added another Contributing Editor for Metro-Manila under the Matanglawin Organization , in the person of Flora Lou Cadawas. An article about the Memorabilia was sent to the Matanglawin Quarterly Newsette for publication.

7. We have maintained contact with Mayor Cadayona and other PAETech officers on Memorabilia Matters. The Mayor suggested the creation of a Paete Committee on the Memorabilia, with Benny Cadapan as the Coordinator.

8. Arranged with the Villarin-Abary families of the Northeast who will be attending the SoCal picnic to bring and show the model book “Balik San Jose 2000” to the Californians.

9. Established contact with the San Josenian who was the Layout & Printing Artist of the model book to learn more on her publication experience with the San Jose book.

  • June 14, 2004
    Important Changes and Developments:

    1. Deadline extended from July 31, 2004 to SEPTEMBER 30, 2004 !!! This
    is the FINAL DEADLINE. There will be no more extension after this. The
    extension was made to give chance to other people to join in,
    particularly those who have not yet learned about the project due to lack of
    internet access. A mass-mailing campaign will be made reach out to other

    2. The Northeast Officers have reconsidered the previous requests to
    give commissions to various Paetenians Chapters for solicited
    subscriptions. The commission will be based on the proportion to the overall NET
    PROCEEDS(Gross Proceeds less Printing Costs, Shipping & Handling
    expenses, Stationery & Supplies, administrative expenses, etc). Details on
    the mechanics will follow including the change in selection and
    distribution to Paete Projects beneficiaries.

    3. There is now an active involvement of Mayor-elect Cadayona on the
    Balik-Paete and the Memorabilia project. There was already a
    Preliminary meeting of the Working Committee and the subject will be presented
    also in the first meeting of the Sangguniang Bayan. Among the things
    already discussed were: official Paete Photographer, letters/flyers to be
    sent out about the Balik-Paete, and the Memorabilia project, as well.

    4. News about the Memorabilia to be published in the Matanglawin
    Newsette, per agreement with Mrs. Flora Filoteo.

    5. We have consulted Col. Frank Quesada and Mrs. Flora Filoteo for
    choosing the World War II articles (most of them already published in
    the Matanglawin Newsette). Permissions to be asked from the respective

    6. We have received the copy of the paintings from Manny Baldemor and
    we have chosen one of his colorful paintings to be the centerpiece of the colorful hardcover design.

    7. Help solicited from Raul Roque, Saida C. Dulay, and Flora Lou
    Cadawas forthe publication campaign, and with the involvement of the
    PAETech (possibly Quinale Elem. School facilities) for future Memorabilia

    8. To date, we have received a total pledges for 92 pages, with 17
    fully paid, with 13 pages already finished Final Draft, 3 additional pages
    received for layout processing, and two paid pages still awaiting for
    their materials. DETAILS ON THE NAMES WILL FOLLOW.


  • April 19, 2004

    Here are the recap of events and status of pledges:
    1. Since the last update (2/14/04) 9 pages of pledges have been added to bring the total pages pledged to Sixty-Eight (68) pages.

    2. Breakdown of the pledges per area are:

    a) Australia - 1 page (Family)
    b) Belgium - 2 pages (Family)
    c) California (Northern) – 5 pages ( Family=2; Chapter=3)
    d) California (Southern) – 13 pages (Family=10; Chapter=3)
    e) Canada – 14 pages (Family)
    f) Chicago - 2 pages (Family= 1; Barkada=1)
    g) D.C. - 1 page (Family)
    h) Indonesia - 2 pages (Family)
    i) Massachusetts 1 page (Family)
    j) Northeast - 21 pages (family=18; chapter=3)
    k) Philippines - 6 pages (Family=3; Barkada=2; Chapter=1)

  • 3. Draft of Materials received so far:

    a) From Virgil – 2 pages of family history for the Madrinan-Gallardo &

    Madrinan-Espinosa Family

    b) From Ruben Cagayat - one page - history of the Jubilee Club

    4. The most number of pages pledged by a family/clan were from Norma Acala of British

    Columbia, Canada. Total of 8 pages for the families of: Acala/Duy/Aca/ Aseoche/

    5. Raul Roque, President of the Alay-Computer (PAETech), agreed in principle to let subscribers from Paete to utilize the facilities of the computer centers (perhaps Quinale) to access and get information from the Memorabilia website in the Internet, and to use their scanner, printers, etc. He also plans to have a special section in school newsletter about the Memorabilia.

    6. Saida Dulay-Cagandahan and Flora Lou Cadawas both agreed to help the Memorabilia in advertising/publicizing this project. We are just waiting for the election period to be over.

    ----------------------------à>>>> Calling the Canada, Chicago and Guam/Saipan Chapters– we are awaiting for your pledges/subscription for your respective chapters. It would be nice to have all the Paetenians Chapters included in the memorabilia book.
    --------------------------à>>>>> Calling also the members of various barkadas and organizations: Bolero, Jokers, Super King, Wildcat, Dribblers, etc Let the name and memories of your barkada/organization live forever by publishing old and new photos, your group’s history, or their accomplishments through the years. We encourage the members who now live or work abroad to sponsor their own barkada/organization back home.

  • February 14, 2004 - Since last update on 1/25/04, there were 13 more respondents who pledged for additional 21 pages bringing the total pages reserved to 59 pages (Composed of 50 family, 1 barkada, 1 Literary and 7 for Chapters ). The new respondents were: Ligaya Acala-Agravia, Evangeline Duy-Melenchuk, Ruben Cagayat, Nemie Baldemor-Diaz, Gloria Dalay-Basa-Caguin, Estelita Caguin-Fortin, PI Southern California (c/o Sonia Adea-Paelmo), Sonia Balandra, Josefina Cadang, Florencia Chiasson, Sonia Adea-Paelmo, Fely Baldemor-Dressler, PI-Northeast (c/o Fred M. Cagayat).
  • January 25, 2004 - Received from 3 respondents reservation of 2 pages each (total 6 pages) and two additional pages from previous respondents. See Pledges (Reservation) page for the summary.
  • January 18, 2004 Posted the Reservation List on the Pledges and Survey Section. As of today there are sixteen (16) respondents who have reserved 29 pages in the Family Heritage Section, and one (1) page for the Intl. Chapter Section
  • January 13, 2004 Paete Memorabilia Website completed and became the Information Center of the Memorabilia project.

    Survey and Pledges opened to accept reservations.

  • November, 2003 Sent personal request to Manny Baldemor to create a cover design. Manny promised to finish one by early 2004.
  • Sept-Nov, 2003 Mailed out copies of Invitation to Publish, Contracts and publication guidelines to all Paetenian Chapters’ President/ Chairman, requesting for support and participation.

    Requested Col.(Ret) Lando Malinis to construct a Memorabilia Website.

Protacio Cagandahan (President of Paetenians Chapter) became the first subscriber for a Page in the Family Heritage Section. He also promised to subscribe a page for the Paete Chapter, c/o Raul Roque – Treasurer.

  • July, 2003 Formally announced the Memorabilia project during the Paetenians – Canada’s Anniversary - Open Forum.

    Posted Memorabilia Information on the Paetenians Mailing List, and at the Website’s Usap Paete.

  • May, 2003 Received a copy of Pangilenian’s Family Heritage Journal from Fred’s High School Classmate, Ted Balasi. Discussed in length Ted’s experience and fruits of his labor.

    The desire to publish Paete’s own book became more intense. Paetenians NE officers, after series of e-mail communication and subsequent meetings, decided to go ahead with the Paete Memorabilia project.
  • July, 2002 Copy of Balik San Jose 2000 book brought at the Annual Fiesta Picnic held at Glen Island Park, New Rochelle, N.Y. Virgil Madrinan solicited names from those who were interested in joining the publication.
  • July, 2001 Copy of Balik San Jose 2000 book shown to the Paetenians NE officers. The idea of publishing a similar book was crystallized.